Hi, guys. Check out this The Game type beat video. I produced this banger in 2008 inspired by Scott Storch tracks. He is one of my favorite hip-hop producers and I miss this type of sound nowadays. I used some dark piano chords, dark mellotron strings, synth fx, percussion samples and fat drums sounds in this instrumental. It feels that The Game would sound good to this beat.

Structure: intro, hook, verse1, hook, verse2, bridge, hook and outro.

Unfortunately, I lost stems track-out files for this beat on my broken hard drive so only basic license is available.

You can download this instrumental at our beat store (visit homepage), and don’t forget to check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel, I have more The Game type beats videos with nice audio visualizations there.

Also, watch Dr. Dre type beat video. It has dope west-coast vibe.

Soundcloud audio version: